Hear from new yoga teachers to those who have been teaching private sessions for some time

“Such a wonderful course. I've been teaching yoga to my private students for a while but I still learnt so much from this amazing course. Touchy matters like money, scheduling, personal space & other touchy things that we don't normally discuss in yoga is so beautifully explained in this course. I highly recommend this to any teacher looking to learn something new and expand their teaching experience. ”

Varun D

“As a new yoga teacher, I found all I need to know to start teaching yoga one to one! Clare has covered perfectly all aspects, I really enjoyed this course . Thank you Clare :) ”

Tlili R

How much does the course cost?

  • 8.5 hours of video training

  • Yoga Alliance CPD course

  • Start today and get instant access

Course teacher

Clare Hudson

Hi I’m Clare Hudson, London based yoga teacher and Mum. After many years building a successful private yoga practice in London, I’m now sharing everything I’ve learnt for others who want to do the same. This is the course I wish I had. It would have saved me years of trial and error, frustration and missed income opportunities. I’ll be your personal tutor throughout this course. My mission is not only to help you succeed as a private yoga teacher, but to get clients who choose you every time and love working with you. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years, it’s that there’s more to it than just the Yoga.

Trainer credentials

  • Built a private yoga teaching practice in London going from zero clients to full time personal yoga teaching

  • Over 15 years of personal yoga practice and experience in multiple styles and lineages, with a teaching style focusing on intuitive yoga

  • Yoga Alliance approved provider for continuing professional development

  • Background in creative communications working for a London University and affiliate for one of the World's leading online education platforms, Mindvalley

  • Teacher trainings in Yoga, meditation and stress management plus additional CPD trainings in pre and post natal yoga, Yin, yoga nidra, trauma sensitive yoga skills and more

Who is this course for?

Yoga teachers who would like to teach people one-to-one, couples and small groups either in person or online

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new yoga teacher and you’ve never taught anyone privately before, or you have more experience but perhaps struggle to find clients or keep clients long term.

“What a great in-depth guidance course to setting yourself up for Yoga teaching. I highly recommend anyone starting to follow Clare's course. Very clear, focused, and truly useful information. Thank you”

Sabrina A

“The course exceeded my expectations. All yoga teachers should take this course :) Clare explains very well!”

Beatrice R

Course curriculum

What's inside The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga One-to-One?

    1. Introduction (4:21)

    2. Course Overview (3:12)

    1. Discover Your Niche (12:19)

    2. Create Your Vision (11.41)

    3. Set Your Goals and Intentions (12:03)

    1. Embrace Structure Alongside Play and Creativity (8:12)

    2. Embody Confidence (9:56)

    3. Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs (6:48)

    1. Who has Private Yoga Sessions and Why? (8:21)

    2. Identify Your Ideal Private Yoga Client (8:23)

    3. Where to Find Private Yoga Clients Online (8:37)

    4. Where to Find Private Yoga Clients Through Other People and Physical Locations (9:10)

    1. Offer Private Yoga Taster Sessions (5:33)

    2. How to Advertise Your Private Yoga Sessions (12:23)

    3. Initial Communication Before You Teach Someone for the First Time (12:14)

    4. Create Your Yoga Packages (8:23)

    5. Price Your Yoga Sessions (12:05)

    1. The Most Effective Photos to Include in Your Advertising (7:17)

    2. Learn the 4 Powerful Copywriting Techniques to Include in Your Communications (9:42)

    3. Optimise Your Website for the Search Engines (12:33)

    4. Learn to Use Social Media Effectively Part 1 (8:02)

    5. Learn to Use Social Media Effectively Part 2 (10:19)

About this course

  • 8.5 hours of video content
  • Go at your own pace
  • Lifetime access

What if...

You could teach private yoga students right now...feel really confident about it...focused...give them amazing value...

And get paid well to do it

There is an art to delivering private yoga sessions that is very different from working with groups.

In my course I show you the exact framework I used to build up a full private yoga teaching practice. 

But more importantly, I help you to implement what is being taught and feel inspired to get started.

Discover how Sarah and Helena found new private yoga clients as a result of this course

“I learned so much from this course and have already integrated some of the business related practices as well as practical knowledge of teaching a private session. The confidence I gained as a private yoga teacher from this course has enabled me to teach in an authentic way whilst also embracing a professional, business mindset. I just left a taster session with a 1-to-1 client and as a result of applying what I learned from the course she booked a 10 session package almost immediately following Savasana.Helena ”

Sarah G

“After having just completed two 3rds of the course I found a client. The client fitted my ideal dream client base that I had visualised during the beginning modules and immediately asked for two classes a week on a rolling basis.This course has been invaluable in my transition from a public class yoga teacher to a private one. It has given me the vision, the confidence and the practical business information that I needed to make my dream a reality. I couldn't have found the private clients that I did without Clare's advice and clear instructions, and I wouldn't be the teacher I am today without her support, guidance and passion.”

Helena B

Does this sound familiar?

  • You don't know where to start

    You will get access to the whole private yoga teaching blueprint from start to finish, whilst allowing you freedom to be creative within this framework.

  • You feel like an imposter

    You will build on an inner confidence that comes from a place of genuine authenticity rather than adopting a ‘fake it until you make it’ mentality.

  • You’re unsure how you can give real value in private yoga sessions

    You will discover what makes you stand out and how you can deliver real value so clients will want to stay with you long term.

What is preventing you from taking on private yoga clients right now?

You’re unsure if you're able to deliver real value in private sessions

You might wonder why someone would even pay for private sessions when there are so many group classes around. You’re not sure why someone would want you as their private yoga teacher over someone with more experience.

You don’t think there are people who would want private yoga sessions where you live

You live somewhere where you think people don’t have private yoga lessons or you think private yoga is for yoga teachers who are really confident and have a niche carved out for them

You feel you lack the knowledge and time to do this

You might have other commitments. You're concerned about whether this can work out financially for you. Or you feel you don’t have enough yoga teaching experience.

You don’t know where to start

You might be wondering how and where you can even find private clients where you live, whether you're ready for this and what the first steps are.

“This course has so much great, valuable information I honestly don't know where to start! I will definitely be going back into the sections to revisit videos as needed as I finished up my documents and ideas for teaching yoga one-to-one. ”

Mindy S-B

“Thank you for making this course Clare! It is evident that you have put in much work and I really appreciate the structure of each lesson building upon the next. Your teaching style is conversational and I will be able to put the lessons to use right away. Well done, and best wishes for continued success! ”


What will my course give you?

The full private yoga teaching blueprint

You will get everything you need to succeed. Over eight hours of video, worksheets and bonus material. Study at your own pace with lifetime access and ongoing support from your instructor.

The course will teach you how to implement what is being taught

You can study at your own pace and easily fit the lessons into a busy schedule

“This course was very well put together and paced! ”

Stacia K

“Amazing, above expectations! ”

Shahla M

“Very informative and engaging ”

Shoba M S

You will get exercises and lessons on mindset and limiting beliefs

This course was created with the energy and intention to inspire, uplift and help you make your yoga teaching goals and dreams a reality

It's not just about yoga. You will also be taught how to implement everything with confidence.

“This course is great I've taken so many notes. I feel really inspired. I've taken 2 yoga teacher 200 hr trainings and neither really focus on 1:1, so thank you for creating this. ”

Essence T

“Clear, concise, inspirational and really well delivered. Thank you! ”

Samantha S

“It's brilliant, I feel so positive and inspired already. Thank you! ”

Nicola L

You will get video lessons and exercises on private yoga teaching methodology

Plus an insider look into private yoga sessions taught in person and online

It doesn't matter which styles of yoga you are trained in. I will show you how to apply your skills and expertise so it applies to teaching people privately, either in person or online. This includes what to cover in your very first session with a new client as well as learning the art of appropriate planning, adapting to different people and working creatively.

You will get video lessons on the business of teaching private yoga sessions

You will get my private yoga blueprint from start to finish. This includes finding clients, marketing, staying safe, client retention, and so much more.

You will receive private yoga templates and scripts plus bonus materials

You will receive my private yoga intake and prices form which you can customise, as well as meditation and Yoga Nidra scripts which are sometimes useful for Savasana. There is also a bonus section which includes videos such as 3 yoga enhancements your private clients will love and more.

“Enjoyable and Informative course. Love the resources especially the Yoga Nidra scripts & course book Thank You. ”

Tina H

“Wonderful tools to pause, think and dig deeper into yourself. ”

Shruti P

Get started

I'm confident I can help you teach more (or your first) private yoga students. But if you find this course is not for you, I can offer you a full 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

You will receive ongoing support

Finally,  if you've made it this far down the page, I'd like to say that this course is everything I would have loved to have known when I started teaching yoga one-to-one.

 After 18 months of creating it, I hope you get a lot of value from it and you're able to make your own yoga teaching goals and dreams a reality for yourself. 

Whether you'd like to know more or as a student on the course, please also know that you have ongoing support and can get in touch with me any time here [email protected]

You will feel well equipped to get out there and make it happen

“Clare's course on how to teach private yoga was exactly the education and support I needed on my new Private Yoga venture. Covering the whole journey from discovering your target audience, marketing, finding and signing clients, paperwork, organising your schedule, and how to structure your classes - you will feel well equipped to get out there and make it happen. If you actually want the skills and know-how to start a business and get clients, then this is the course for you! I'd like to express my gratitude here to Clare, who has been very supportive via email, answering any questions that I have. She is also very open and welcoming to feedback, which is imperative to keeping courses relevant, and our businesses as flexible and dynamic as our current working environment. Thank you Clare!”

Imogen H

“Thank you so much for this wonderful training. The quality of the videos is excellent, as is the written material. Everything is very well thought out. I find it very positive that you encourage your students to really work with the material and to think about it instead of "just" watching videos. I will definitely continue to work with your material and deepen my knowledge even more. ”

Sonja R


  • Will this course work for me?

    If you’re a yoga teacher or you’re a yoga teacher in training and you’d like to work with more private clients or give more to your existing clients, then this course is for you. There are currently over 500 students from 50 different countries worldwide ranging from Saba Island in the Caribbean to London, Canada, Germany, India, Australia and many more.

  • Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

    Absolutely. I want you to be happy with the course and for you to get the results you desire. If this isn’t the case you will be offered a full refund within 30 days of purchase with no questions asked.

  • Is the course accredited?

    Yes, this course is accredited with the Yoga Alliance Continued Professional Development (YACEP). On completion of the course and exercises, you may log 10 CPD non contact hours for teaching methodology. You will also receive a certificate of completion.

  • How long does the course take?

    You can study at your own pace. There are approximately eight hours of video lessons divided into 40 lessons, with each lesson lasting no longer than 15 minutes. There are also exercises to complete to help you implement what you're learning. In addition to this you also get access to some recorded private sessions taught in person and online. Finally, you have lifetime access to the course, so you can revisit it at any time.

  • Can I get in touch with the course instructor?

    Yes, you can contact Clare Hudson directly at any time should you have any questions or need additional support on anything related to the course. Clare’s email is [email protected] and she aims to answer any concerns within 24 hours.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked

It's incredibly important to me that you're happy with the course. And so if within 30 days of purchasing the course, you're unsatisfied, I will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

“Clare has done a fantastic job putting this course together. The information is well-organized, clear and thorough. ”

Tiffany C

“This course is amazing. It's easy to understand and very informative. ”

Catherine L

“Absolutely perfect course for anyone looking to teach private yoga. Impressive! ”

Kimberley K

“Interesting, informative and focused ”

Dr. Neelam B

Enroll today and get lifetime access

Thanks for making it this far down my sales page. If you would like to work with more people one to one, couples and small groups, I would love to welcome you on my course.